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Social Media & Your Business
I had the pleasure of attending and presenting for the first time at the 72nd ARA Convention & Expo last year in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have social media to thank for helping me to be "found" due to a serendipitous online exchange. Who knew when I answered a question on twitter from Becky Berube of United Catalyst Corporation that it would be the beginning of my journey to speak at the ARA convention.
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On Track For Greatness
A successful gathering of professional automotive recyclers can only be judged by what attendees have to say regarding the event. In the case of the 72nd Annual Automotive Recyclers Association Convention & Expo, the results are in. Close to 1,000 attendees from as far and wide as the United States, Canada, UK, China, Japan, Ireland, Lithuania, Australia, Germany, and Spain converged upon Charlotte, North Carolina, in October 2015. The sessions and social events were robustly attended, and the Exhibition boasted the most vendors in recent ARA history, with 109 exhibiting companies.
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Turning Up the Profit$
I've asked hundreds of business owners the following question: "Pretend I'm a business genie and I can give you more of three things in your business. What do you want more of?" Can you guess what the answers were? There were three that rose to the top of all other answers, by far. Here they are: more customers, more revenues/sales, and more profits. I always tell people that whatever it is you're specifically after, that's often times where your efforts will be. If your top answer is "more revenue or sales," you're probably pretty focused on that.
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2016 ARA Midyear Board Meeting, Hill Day and State Legislative Summit
The new year is well underway but the echo of the automotive recycling profession's legislative victory of late 2015 can still be heard within the halls of Congress and within the offices of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). Now more than ever is the time for the voices of professional automotive recyclers to be heard by our nation's policymakers. Join your colleagues in our nation's Capital this April to urge prompt and fair implementation of the new statutory provision requiring automakers to provide access to part numbers, names and descriptions of those parts subject to recall campaigns.
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