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Government Affairs Grassroots Toolkit

Grassroots Toolkit

Contact Your Elected Representatives

As a professional automotive recycler and small business owner in your community, you are your own best advocate and uniquely qualified to educate your elected officials about the automotive recycling industry.  Reach out to your elected representatives and their staff today! 

Developing a Relationship with Your Elected Officials

Automotive recyclers are uniquely positioned to build long-term grassroots relationships with elected officals in state legislatures and in Congress.  Elected representatives welcome the opportunity to interact with their constituents; those who helped them get elected and can help them get re-elected.  Opportunities for automotive recyclers to create and expand upon such relationships are everywhere and the value of taking advantage of them is priceless. 

  • Invite your local or federal representative to visit your facility for an informal visit to your yard, to a "cut the ribbon" at your new or renovated facility, to attend a customer appreciate day or employee/family picnic;
  • Invite your local or federal representative to a local ARA or ARA state affiliate chapter event;
  • If your elected representative sides with the automotive recycling industry on a legislative or regulatory issue, send a supportive letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper, send a favorable story to your state affiliate chapter newsletter or to ARA for inclusion in the ARA newsletter.

Reach out and educate your elected representatives and their staff about:

  • The value of recycled auto parts in the marketplace;
  • The importance of competition and the implications that restrictive legislation and regulation have on your business and your customers;
  • Initiatives that promote safe and legitimate reuse of recycled vehicles and component parts - and urge them to support such initiatives!

Locate Your Elected Representatives

To locate and contact your Senators and members of Congress, visit and

Sample Letters and Steps to Consider When Meeting with Your Representative

Contacting Elected Officials - Letter

Contacting Elected Officials - Phone Call

Contacting Elected Officials - Personal Visit

Steps to Consider

1. Write a letter of invitation detailing the event: date, time, location, number of participants.

2. Provide the representative's staff with all the necessary contact information.

3. Inform your employees of the special guest and hand out a brief biography of the representative.

4. If desired, coordinate press coverage before the event, notifiying your local media of the event.

5. Record the event by taking photos to share.

6. Send the representative a thank you note and include any photos or press coverage the event recieved.

7. Notify ARA and your state affiliate chapter about the visit.

Getting Started - Learning the Basics

1. How a Bill Becomes a Law

2. Advocacy Do's and Dont's

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Jessica Andrews, Director, State Government and Grassroots Affairs


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