ARA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of professional automotive recyclers through legislative and regulatory approaches at the federal level, in all 50 states, and around the world.  Efforts are continuously undertaken to educate policymakers on the impact that laws and regulations have on the ability of automotive recyclers to compete in the marketplace and to protect the environment.  ARA also partners with like-minded entities and seeks input from  automotive recycling communities to ensure fair market practices and effective pollution prevention standards at all levels of policy and practice.


ARA Government Affairs staff monitors legislative and regulatory initiatives from around the world on an ongoing basis.  Staff has met with industry stakeholders from a variety of countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and the Republic of Georgia.


ARA Government Affairs staff represents the interests of automotive recyclers on Capitol Hill and in federal agencies.  Staff pursues legislative and regulatory opportunities to promote and protect the industry as well as works to defeat proposed policies/regulation that would harm the profession.  


ARA Government Affairs staff tracks proposed legislation and regulations on a state-by-state basis, recognizing that each state has a unique policymaking environment, and identifies issues that have the potential to impact automotive recyclers nationwide.




Government Affairs Staff:

Betsy Beckwith, Director, Policy and External Affairs

Delanne Bernier, Director, Policy and Political Affairs

Jessica Andrews, Director, State Government and Grassroots Affairs,



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