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As an automotive recycler and small business owner in your community, you are uniquely qualified to communicate with your elected federal and state representatives and help them understand the value of recycled auto parts. It is important that decision makers have access to valid, reliable information about quality recycled auto parts -- and hearing from ARA members is the first step. Concerns expressed by constituents help influence a legislator's position. When professional automotive recyclers across the country speak with one consistent voice, our industry has more influence and impact on decision makers.

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ARA along with its affiliated state chapters and grassroots network of automotive recyclers across the country are actively monitoring and responding proposed legislation that could potentially impact the professional automotive recycling industry. 

Several recurring issues are expected to dominate the upcoming 2015 state legislative agenda, including: competition from unlicensed and illegal businesses, used and scrap tires, unregulated/unlicensed buyers at salvage auctions, salvage acquisition, and parts procurement. 

For the most up-to-date information about legislative and regulatory activities in your state, join ARA's Grassroots Network by contacting Director of State Government and Grassroots Affairs, Jessica Andrews (, 571-208-0428), or fill out the information at the bottom of this page. 


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