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Airbag Protocol

ARA Product Services, LLC presents...


 Recycling Industry Standards

for OEM Non-Deployed Airbags




 Airbag Protocol

  • Ensure Quality

  • Promote Efficiency

  • Save Money

  • Comprehensive Recordkeeping

  • Standardization & Consistency

Benefiting Everyone!

  • Collision Repair Shops - Improve the bottom line by keeping cars in repair shops
  • Insurance Companies - Reduce claims & bring higher return on salvage 
  • Automotive Recyclers - Enables and Increases the sale of non-deployed OEM airbags
  • Consumers - Lower your car repair costs and help avoid the "totaling" of your vehicle


    The Airbag Protocol is administered by ARA Product Services, LLC through Airbag Resources which offers training and instruction in the extraction, handling, inspection, packing and shipping of OEM non-deployed airbag modules and the certification of airbag technicians. 

    The protocol was designed specifically to provide the assurances necessary to encourage the specification and use of OE non-deployed air bags in the insurance and collision repair industries.

    Primary Components: Training & Inspection

    Airbag Resources offers two software applications, one focusing on Airbag Training and the other on Airbag Inspection.

    Airbag Training/Certification

    The Airbag Training software prepares technicians to become Certified Airbag Technicians (CAT). The Airbag Training and Certification (ATC) application provides technicians with all the information they need in an easy to use training module which comes with a multiple choice test. 

    Only by utilizing a CAT and following the steps and procedures of ARA’s Air Bag Protocol will automotive recyclers be able to offer OEM Non-Deployed Air Bags for sale under the protocol.  CAT’s must recertify annually. 

    BONUS! HAZMAT Training & Certification: Airbag Resources also provides FREE training and instruction at on hazardous materials regulations and recommended procedures for packing, shipping, document completion, safety and security awareness training (now required by the US DOT). When you sign up for Airbag Training at Airbag, your DOT-required HAZMAT Training & Certification is included at no additional cost. 

    Airbag Inspection

    The Airbag Inspection application allows CAT's to systematically inspect the airbag and record all the information needed to complete the inspection and comply with the Airbag Protocol standards.  The software is engineered to allow quick data entry, consistent and thorough inspection of the part, report printing for inclusion with invoices and quick report searching on any part.  It also features software that allows technicians to check for Airbag Recalls in real time – at the touch of a button.


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