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Survey Results

We in the automotive recycling industry know that our customers want quality parts, written product guarantees and total customer satisfaction. To ensure that Gold Seal Members are adhering to the program’s quality regulations and professional business practices, the ARA has partnered with Customer Research Inc., a nationally-known customer satisfaction monitoring firm, to independently track overall customer satisfaction.

As part of the Gold Seal Program, Gold Seal Members are required to participate in a periodical CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) Report. Customer Research Inc. randomly surveys the Gold Seal Members’ customers, measuring the level of customer satisfaction in 9 different customer service related areas. They are then graded on a scale of 1-10 in each area. The CSI is a way for the recyclers to focus on customer service and receive both good and bad customer feedback that allows the Members to constantly improve their business. 

For a list of ALL ARA Gold Seal participants and their corresponding CSI, click here.  Once the page populates, select Gold Seal Program Participant from the Business Types drop-down list, then the Search button.









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