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Government Affairs - Metal Theft

Metal Theft

Some professional automotive recyclers are also involved in scrap metal shredding and processing operations.  Like automotive recycling, scrap metal recycling has important environmental, economic, and consumer-oriented benefits. 

Theft and illegal sales of scrap metal are a serious problem for many localities and states across the country.  The handling and processing of scrap metal by anyone other than licensed scrap metal recyclers and scrap metal processing facilities is dangerous for the environment, and may perpetuate other illicit activities that put the general public at risk.  Many local and state governments are proposing legislation to address scrap metal theft. 

Scrap-vehicle shredders and scrap-metal processors should be registered and reporting to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

State Legislature Websites - Find Current and Proposed Legislation on Scrap Metal Recycling in Your State

NMVTIS Website


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