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Government Affairs - Salvage Acquisition

Salvage Acquisition

Access to quality salvage vehicles, and in large quantities, is critical to the professional automotive recycling industry.  A robust and competitive marketplace for automotive recyclers to operate in ensures that the best quality recycled auto parts are made available to today's automotive consumer.

The salvage marketplace has experienced many changes over the past decades, as the flow of salvage vehicles has moved into the Internet age and across international borders.  The automotive recycling industry has adapted and evolved with the times, expanding services, investing in technological advances in equipment and machinery, and developing creative ways to operate in today's highly-competitive automotive sector.

Several challenges remain for professional automotive recyclers as the industry moves forward:

  • Increased competition from unregulated and unlicensed buyers at salvage auctions, leading to inflated prices for vehicles and decreased stock;
  • Lack of oversight and uniform standards for online internet auctions of salvage vehicles;
  • Lack of uniform vehicle titling within the U.S.;
  • Lack of consumer education on the value and usage of recycled auto parts; and an
  • Increasing number of vehicles being exported out of the country by international buyers.

ARA supports the acquisition, sale and dismantling of salvage or end-of-life vehicles and asserts that these activities be performed and conducted by licensed businesses qualified and equipped to purchase such vehicles in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.  ARA calls for state lawmakers to review and update laws and regulations governing salvage pools to address loopholes that may open auctions to criminal-minded entities and supports the sales of vehicles from salvage pools only to properly licensed entities.

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