ARA's New Washington, DC Annex Office

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(571) 208-0428                                                    Date:  December 10, 2012

ARA's New Washington, DC Presence Strengthens Efforts to Advocate for Smart Policy that Grows Member Businesses

MANASSAS, VA - Today, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is pleased to announce that it has expanded its headquarter operations and leased prime office space just 1,600 feet from the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Northwest Washington, DC. From this vantage point, the Association’s professional staff will be better able to advance ARA’s policy and industry-related agendas during busy days when there are multiple meetings on and around Capitol Hill, and continue association-focused business in between meetings. By establishing a physical presence in our nation’s capital, ARA staff and visiting members can more easily lead discussions and negotiations at both the policy, regulatory and industry tables, and reinforce the role of ARA members as the expert voice on automotive recycling with crucial links to the automotive parts supply chain.

“This new ARA Washington presence will result in policymakers being educated regularly and in person about automotive recyclers’ business models, which will in turn drive better policy decisions for ARA members," said Michael E. Wilson, CEO of ARA. “While our Virginia headquarters location, purchased in 2009, has excellent commuter rail access into Washington, the logistics for our professional staff to schedule several meetings one right after another on a given day and to be ready at a moment’s notice to represent the profession at in-person meetings is not always practical. This new ARA Annex office location will provide a place to continue business operations in between meetings on Capitol Hill and in the boardrooms of Industry’s Washington Offices.”

“To take ARA to the next level, a physical presence in Washington is a must,” says Wilson. "The additional office location positions the organization to interface more often with policymakers in Congress, Federal Agencies and in the automotive and insurance industry sectors.”

Since 1943, the Automotive Recyclers Association (“ARA”) represents an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of “green” automotive parts, and the proper recycling of inoperable motor vehicles. ARA represents the interests of over 4,500 auto recycling facilities in the United States and fourteen other countries around the world. With programs such as the Certified Automotive Recycler Program (CAR) and other partnerships, ARA members continue to provide consumers with quality, low-cost alternatives for vehicle replacement parts, while preserving our environment for a “greener” tomorrow.

To learn more about the Association, visit ARA’s Home Page at or call (571) 208-0428.


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