EPA Rules in ARA's Favor

EPA Rules in Favor of Auto Recyclers!!

Used Oil Burned for Fuel is EXEMPT from the solid waste definition 
Auto Recyclers Can Continue to Burn Used Oil for Fuel

Today, February 23, 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifically stated that small boilers who burn less than 10 million BTU/hr of used oil do NOT have to meet specific emission standards, but only have to perform tune-ups on their boilers every two years (virtually all auto recyclers who burn used oil for fuel do so in boilers less than 50 BTU/hr). During  a press conference on the issue this afternoon, ARA staff specifically requested the opportunity to help define  the "tune-up" standards.  EPA staff replied that there would be a formal comment process on these standards during which they were depending on industry input from organizations such as the ARA.

EPA's action reinforces the current practice of burning used oil for energy recovery and recognizes that sufficient regulations exist to effectively oversee this practice.  Now recyclers will be able to continue to heat their garages by burning used oil and will spare the environment from the 1,575,000 gallons of used oil that is currently recycled as fuel,  as well as save energy by not having to use electricity or natural gas instead of the used oil.

Although ARA has expended considerable resources and time since last June, 2010 addressing this issue with EPA , Congress and other like-minded groups --  it was the work and commitment of the over 100 ARA members who answered our several calls  for help that made this success possible.  From submitting comments on the rule, to requesting that your congressional delegations sign onto letters to EPA  to providing real life examples/statistics on the environmental and economic benefits of burning used oil for fuel, you made the process work.  Thank you for providing the backbone to our efforts.

Please look for a detailed summary of the final rule  - found at  - with implementing dates in the coming days.



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