ARA Urges Congress to Pass Right to Repair Legislation

Manassas, VA Today, new rules go into effect in the European Union requiring automobile manufacturers to share more technical data about their vehicles with independent repair shops and spare parts vendors. The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is calling upon Congress to pass similar legislation pending in the U.S. Congress - the Motor Vehicle Owner's Right to Repair Act.

"Today, computers and electronics control nearly every vehicle function. Too often, this allows automobile manufacturers companies to limit access to the data that consumers and independent repair facilities need to service and repair vehicles", said Michael Wilson, CEO of the Automobile Recyclers Association.

"In today's economic downturn it is even more important for consumers to have access to this data. Every day our members have to turn customers away or send them to a dealer where they have to pay a fee to have the codes in a part reset before the part will work in their vehicle", said Wilson.

This lack of access to data limits the consumers ability to choose quality, recycled automobile parts that are more environmentally friendly and cost effective then OEM parts. The Right to Repair legislation pending in Congress ensures that the person who owns the vehicle, and not the auto manufacturer, can decide how and where that vehicle is repaired and maintained.

"ARA is calling on Congress to level the playing field and to stop propping up the automobile manufactures at the expense of the U.S. consumer and auto recyclers across the country", said Wilson.

Established in 1943, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) represents an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of green automotive parts, and the proper recycling of inoperable motor vehicles. ARA represents over 4,500 auto recycling facilities in the United States and fourteen other countries around the world. With programs such as the Certified Automotive Recycler Program (CAR) and other partnerships, ARA members continue to provide consumers with quality, low cost alternatives for vehicle replacement parts, while preserving our environment for a greener tomorrow. To learn more about the Association, visit ARA online at or call (571) 208-0428.

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