Automotive Recyclers Education Foundation and I-CAR Sign MOU Agreement for Information Exchange

Manassas, VA - The Automotive Recyclers Association Education Foundation (ARAEF), developer of educational programs and skill training for the members of the Automotive Recyclers Association and the automotive recycling industry, has announced its collaboration with I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, a not-for-profit organization that provides training to the collision repair inter-industry.

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the two organizations outlined plans for mutually promoting the level of knowledge and skills required to improve communication and educational exchanges between the automotive recycling industry and the collision repair industry.

"Our planned partnership presents an enormous range of potential benefits to the automotive recycling and collision industries," said ARAEF Managing Director Virginia Whelan. "This collaboration will undoubtedly result in new educational training tools and endeavors with tremendous potential for innovation and far-reaching benefit."

A mutual understanding of each others industries can go a long way in improving communications and meeting customer expectations. said Jamie Jacobs, I-CAR Instructional Designer. This agreement between the ARAEF and I-CAR is a big step forward toward this goal, and provides a commitment from both industries to continuing education with regard to the considerations for recycled parts usage during collision repairs.

The exchange between the ARAEF and I-CAR will improve communication and promote the value of education between automotive recyclers and collision repairers focused on automotive collision claim and repair process.

About Automotive Recyclers Association Educational Foundation

The ARA Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization, was formed with the purpose to research and develop learning materials that are designed to train the upcoming workforce of the industry and keep automotive recyclers educated in the most current technology and improved methods of better business practices. The ARAEF is the founder of the ARA University, an online training platform providing advanced technical training to the automotive recycling industry. Visit

About I-CAR

I-CAR, founded in 1979, is an international not-for-profit training organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of auto collision repair for the ultimate benefit of consumers. For more information, visit


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