NHTSA "Retooling Recalls" Workshop Recommendations Affirm Professional Automotive Recyclers Need for Access to Bulk Recall Data, OEM Part Numbers and Build Sheet Data

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NHTSA "Retooling Recalls" Workshop Recommendations Affirm Professional Automotive Recyclers Need for Access to Bulk Recall Data, OEM Part Numbers and Build Sheet Data 
WASHINGTON, DC – The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) applauds the recommendations produced during the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)'s one-day workshop on April 28 during which ARA participated along with leading transportation officials, automotive industry representatives, safety advocates, and researchers to brainstorm ways to achieve a recall completion rate of 100 percent.  During the NHSTA event, ARA restated its longstanding position that only with bulk access to recall data, along with OEM parts numbers and build sheet data, will safety stakeholders be able to help NHTSA reach its goal and fulfill its statutory obligations to ensure the safety of the nation's drivers. 
"ARA is optimistic that the widespread support for this bulk access to data that was voiced by stakeholders during the NHTSA event will propel both automakers and regulators to promptly adapt their database technologies so that critical bulk recall and parts data is made available to vehicle safety stakeholders throughout the automotive parts supply chain," said ARA CEO Michael E. Wilson. "The life-cycle of OEM parts does not end when the motor vehicle is purchased by a professional automotive recycler.  OEM part numbers are necessary to enhance the tracking and reutilization of the genuine OEM parts harvested from millions of donor vehicles."
Participation in the April 28 event was the most recent interaction that ARA has had and will continue to have with NHTSA, automakers, representatives of parts inventory management systems, Members of Congress, consumers and the press about the need for access to parts data in bulk format.  ARA maintains that until this access is provided, efforts to reach NHTSA's stated goal of a 100 percent remedy rate of the automakers' recalls will continue to fall short.  
"At least one automaker clearly understands this need and provided part numbers to an automotive recycling industry supplier during a recent recalled part buy-back campaign. ARA continues to seek agreement by the automakers to stop withholding this important information and instead make it available to professional automotive recyclers in a format and manner that is easily and promptly accessible, taking into account the technical capabilities and processing methods of all actors in the parts supply chain so that all parts can be appropriately identified,"  added Wilson. 
Over the past several years, ARA has gone on record advocating for stakeholder summits such as the one held by NHTSA, offered legislative and regulatory language, and supported new market interventions too educate policymakers and the general public on why this access is critical to the safety of the nation's drivers,   "Part suppliers, manufacturers, government regulators, consumers, we must all work together to develop a system under which recalled parts are correctly identified, tracked and remedied or retired from service," said Wilson
ARA congratulates NHTSA for convening its "Retooling Recalls" event and strongly urges the automotive industry stakeholders to take advantage of the momentum from this event and work together to ensure that bulk access to part data is provided to enhance the public safety of our nation.  
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