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Since 1943, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is an international trade association which has represented an industry dedicated to the efficient removal...
Distinguish your business as a professional recycling company that is committed to meeting the highest performance standards set by
the industry.

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger asking the CEO's from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Global Automakers about their members sharing OEM Part Numbers with automotive recyclers.




The Automotive Recyclers Association supports multiple programs for the benefit of members and the industry.

ARA University
Founded in 2006 by the ARA Education Foundation, ARA University was developed to fill the need for training that would help automotive recyclers succeed.  Read more
ARA Scholarship
Anon-profit organization promoting education through the awarding of scholarships annually to students on the basis of academic achievement. Read more
Car & Gold Seal
Offers a set of standards for general business practices as well as environmental and safety issues and provides guidance for member facilities in adhering to these standards. Read more
Environmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers (ECAR) is a website designed by and for people in the automotive recycling business. Read more


Educating Ignorance

Automotive recyclers have long had a successful track record of rising to the challenge when outside forces unfairly impose on the industry. One only has to think back to the misunderstanding over Cash for Clunkers...Read more

Ripple Effect

To weather the current storms, professional automotive recyclers are going to have to step up to the plate of quality and certification. There is no getting around the issue anymore that the number of automotive recyclers.... Read more

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ARA, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and ISRI Join Together and Publish White Paper on Automotive Recycling Industry

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